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100% Recyclable Cars by Mercedes

This interactive multimedia project was designed and displayed at Frankfurt Airport as part of Mercedes' "100% Recyclable Cars" concept in Germany.

Emerging technologies are making advertising funner than ever. This also brings the necessity to learn and adopt ourselves into new ways of communication methods as designers. One good example of this is camera driven interactivity, which we used for this project.

A Collaborative Design in Germany

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I worked in this project as a concept designer at Scholz and Volkmer (Interactive design agency of Mercedes) in Germany.

There were many challenges during the project development process like Mercedes' corporate restrictions, airport rules and choosing the right technology which would work flawlessly. It was a very fast and tiring marathon but at the end we succeeded and produced this experimental interaction to support and promote Mercedes' "100% Recyclable Cars" concept in 2008.

An early prototype


In order to try this piece you will need a build in or usb attached mic and latest flash driver installed. If you have all these please click on the image. The image quality is reduced in order to have a fast working prototype on the internet.


Development Process: Flash Vs. Open Frame Works

In order to achieve the best interaction we discussed over two different solutions. The first solution was OF - Open frame works: a C++ based coding library for creative interactions which was developed by Zach Liberman and the second one was flash action script 3.0. Both of the methods would work properly but we chose to go with the most common interaction coding language actions script. This also brought us the opportunity to carry the project online and have more audience besides outdoor exhibits